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Denise coaches actors, comedians, individuals, groups and politicians with their performance, voice and presentation skills.

For individual or group sessions contact Denise directly at

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I began work with Denise Grayson even before my debut at the "Comic Strip" more than 7 years ago. Though many of us think we are natural performers (certainly I did), there is so much to learn about performance, poise and being real on stage and speaking in front of groups.  She has helped my performance in myriad ways over these 7 years. I have now performed over 450 times at "The Strip" and clubs all over America, and been lucky enough to land 2 National commercials.  She is so helpful in so many ways as to our public and private performance. Working with her is an excellent investment. My most hardy endorsement.
- Michael Rakosi, Stand-Up Comic

My background is in production and in 2012 I was selected by the American Film Institute to attend its Directing Workshop for Women. Denise was crucial during the entire process from pre-production to production of my DWW film. Analyzing the script and discussing the characters' motivations with Denise really enriched the process and increased my love for this art. Then it only got better when she visited the set and we were able to rehearse scenes with the actors. I am really looking forward to working with Denise on my future projects.
- Juliana Penaranda-Loftus, Producer and Emerging Director

Denise has brought out the best in me and allowed me to recognize my own strengths.   With her guidance I realized nothing is impossible. She has helped me succeed in both business and personal relationships and the best part is she didn’t direct change but rather helped me focus and realize I held the answer.  She is a gem. 
- Robert Jay Nemrow, Esq., Attorney